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Merge PDF issue

when I activate the merge pdf into a single file it didn't work. any one has an idea?


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    Sarah Turnwald Official comment

    Hi Luis,

    I have been able to replicate your issue.

    In order to use the option to merge pdf files into a single file, you must be using the Crystal 2008 runtimes or higher.

    This is not a bug in the software, but a functionality issue. Any crystal runtimes below 2008 are not compatible to use the merge pdf option within CRD.

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    Sarah Turnwald

    Hi Luis,

    To help resolve your issue further we need a little more information.

    Are you using a custom task to merge pdf files, or the option to merge pdf files within a package type schedule?

    What is the result of trying to merge pdf's together meaning are you receiving an error or are

    This will help troubleshoot and test further.

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    I'm using the merge option, I'm not getting any error message, just the email is coming without the attachment. if I remove the merge option all the pdf are delivered with no problem.

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