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    Introducing Ekho - CRD's mobile companion app!
    -Ekho gives you mobile visibility for CRD on your iPhone (iOS only). Click here for details including pre-requisites, compatibility and features.

    -The Help File, Forum and Knowledge Base for CRD has been relocated to our ChristianSteven Zendesk site which includes easier, faster access to the information you need

    -A new option added to set a 'Database Connection Timeout' so that the scheduler does not hang in the process of trying to reconnect

    -When using the email destination the 'To,CC,BCC' fields now expand based off the amount of email addresses that will receive the report

    -The Naming Tab within a destination will not disappear when using the Zip File option

    -Daylight savings will not cause the failover server to activate while the time is changing

    -Adding CRD inserts within file metadata performs properly in SharePoint Online

    -Dashboard functionality has been removed as a new, more improved dashboard is actively being worked on

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