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How to restore the schedules?


The MARS was installed on a shared computer and this morning, when I went to this shared computer and tried to open MARS to manually execute a task, I have been asked to configure MARS, but which has been installed for more then one year. I clicked "No", then a new page poped up to ask me enter the name, the company and the license key. I restarted the computer and still got the same message.

I entered the key and could open MARS again, but all the schedulers are gone. Could you please let me know how I can restores all the schedulers. Or we have another backup computer which installed MARS as well with the same schedulers. Can I export them and import in this shared computer? How to do it? Thanks in advace.

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    Hey Fei,

    Regarding your query, you can restore a backup in this way.

    On the machine with the schedules do the following:

    MARS -> System -> Backup -> Create a backup File

    On the machine without the schedules:

    MARS -> System -> Restore -> Locate the backup made in the step above to restore

    This process will restore the schedules on the new system (Shared Computer).


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