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How to upgrade to the latest version and build

Can I have simple and easy to follow instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version and build?

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    If you are NOT on CRD Version 6.7 or 7.xx, then you must do the following first:

    1. Download and run the installer for CRD 6.7 from the Member Area. ( )
    2. Follow the prompts. If you need license information, you can also get this from "Black Box" in the Member Area.

    3. Open up CRD to ensure that the upgrade was successful and all your schedules are intact and working.

    4. Now follow the instructions below to upgrade to the latest build of version 7.

    If you are on Version 6.7 or 7.xx
    Before installing the latest build please:

    -Backup CRD.
    -Exit CRD.
    -Download the latest build here

    -Install (you do not need to uninstall anything).
    -Follow the instructions and read all on screen information.

    If you need license information you can find this and other information by logging into the members area and Black Box.

    When the installer is complete, open CRD and check that all your schedules etc are in place and working.

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