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Rewrite entire schedule if I change the query

I have a schedule that schedules a query. If I modify the query in Access there doesn't seem to be a way of pulling this change into my existing schedule. I have to rewrite the schedule. Why is this?

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    Queries can be anything from a simple select statement to a complex statement containing parameters and other consituents.

    When you create a MARS schedule, these constituents, especially parameters, are pulled into MARS and their relative relationships are deciphered and stored in MARS.

    When you modify a query, this may break the existing relationships and you, in effect, need to define them again. In effect, you have created a new query or report. So it is necessary to rewrite the schedule from scratch.

    The only exception is in reports. here, you can change the query behind the report without touching the original report structure. In this case, right-click on the schedule and refresh and this will pull through the new query without you having to rewrite the entire schedule.

    The first users of MARS would write a single schedule, copy and paste it, and redirect the copy to use a different report or query. The relationships would break and more time was spent fixing up the schedules than it would have taken to write each one from scratch.

    The resulting limitation has resulted in a much more stable product for many more customers.

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