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Crystal 13 or 14?

I am using Crystal 2011 (14), but CRD requires that we install the runtimes for Crystal 13.
Why is this? Why can't I just get the runtimes for Crystal 14?

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    This is a good question. The reason is as follows:

    Crystal 13 is actually Crystal 2010 for Visual Studio. There is no standalone Crystal 2010 application.
    SAP developed Crystal 13 runtimes for applications developed in this version.

    Crystal 2011, or version 14, is actually the standalone application for Crystal 2010, or version 13. It is built on, and runs on, exactly the same technology. For this reason SAP did not produce a new runtimes package for this version fo Crystal. Applications which are developed to interact with Crystal 2011 do so by using the Crystal 13 runtimes.

    So, in short, Crystal 2010 and Crystal 2011 boith use the same version of runtimes (Crystal 13 runtimes).

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