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Report has failed for the last three days due to "could not be located"

  1. For the last three days one of our single report schedules has failed with this error:

Failure: The original report for 'LondonIncome' (R:\Reports\London Income.rpt) could not be located. Your schedule has not been refreshed [5]

When I manually execute the schedule, it works fine.

We have used this report for several years from the same location. All our other reports (all single schedules) also run from the same location and none of those is failing.

We login to the server with the same Windows credentials as are specified for the NT servrice in Options\Scheduler.

Does anybody have any ideas what could cause this or how to resolve it?

  1. When the above schedule fails, we don't get an email, even though we have ticked "Send an email" and specified a valid email address in Error Handling under Options/General. All other emails (report destinations) are sent out fine.

Have we correctly configured the error handling email options or is there something else we need to do?

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    *Just a quick note: try restarting your system where CRD is installed. We have seen this or a similar issue in a client system before, and restarting has typically eradicated it. Let us know if this resolves the issue.

    We are still working to find the source of this problem.


    CSS Support

    -Thanks for the response.

    Actually we had rebooted the server by coincidence after the first failure. The reason for the reboot was because we upgraded to the PremiumX version three days ago and the server was restarted as a matter of course after the upgrade. Coincidentally the report schedule had failed that same morning whilst we were still running the Platinum version.

    This report is scheduled to run every weekday. I have just rebooted the server again, so we'll see what happens when the report is next scheduled to run, on Monday.

    -Unfortunately this report failed again this morning. Also we did not receive an email from the CRD server to alert us to the problem. I have now manually executed the report.

    Does anybody have any further suggestions how we can resolve this?

    *Seeing as how you mentioned upgrading recently, I would recommend refreshing all the reports before running. If the issue persists, you may have a more specific issue which would require logging a support ticket



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