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Emailing Exceptions?


I have setup a Bursting report that emails direct to a email address pulled from the database,

The problem is the field is only 1 email address.

Is it possible to use CRD to setup a sort of IF statement to send to multiple email addresses?
guess its like setting up a condition for the report?


IF email = email1 THEN sendto email2 ELSE just email

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    Hello mikevtss,

    Thank you for logging this query. I will refer you to one of our online tutorials which goes through a good amount of detail regarding the type of schedule you would like to create:

    To echo what you will see, you can use data inserts on the Destinations pages and drag and drop any field that may contain multiple items--in your case, email addresses.

    Do let us know if you have any further issues.

    CSS Support

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