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Change / Verify Crystal Version

How do I change or verify the version of Crystal Reports that the user selected when they installed CRD version 7?

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    Johnathan Lucky Official comment

    You can verify the version of Crystal Report runtimes that CRD is using by going to CRD > Resources >About CRD

    The numbers after the build number refer to the runtime version CRD is using. Refer to image below:

    85 = Crystal Reports 8.5
    90 = Crystal Reports 9
    100 = Crystal Reports10
    110 = Crystal Reports 11
    115 = Crystal Reports11.5
    12 = Crystal Reports 2008
    13 = Crystal Reports 2010 & higher

    Changing Crystal Runtimes for CRD

    -Go to Windows Start > Programs > ChristianSteven Software > CRD > Select Crystal Version

    -Select the new Crystal Report version you wish to use

    Important Note: Ensure that the crystal runtimes version you are trying to select is installed. You may be able to select a different crystal runtime version, however, if that version of runtimes selected is not installed on the machine, CRD may open with error and/or fail to run schedules successfully.

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