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Exception Handling - Size option?



In CRD, does the option to set a report size to be considered as blank no longer exist?

If not, are there other ways to accomplish this?  I have a Crystal Report with conditionally suppressed values that I need CRD to consider blank & not send the report unless the suppression is overridden.  It unfortunately does not consider them blank as the data is THERE, but simply suppressed.


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    Jessica Official comment

    Hi Pam,


    Unfortunately, the file size check to determine if a report is blank is no longer an option in the most recent build (20160713) of CRD. It has, however, been logged as an enhancement and requested that the code which operates that specific function be cleaned up and included in a future release of CRD. 

    While you can write a custom SQL Query (Exception Handling > Method > SQL Query) where you can specify data you want to ignore, this is not an ideal solution and would have to be changed/modified each time the suppressed data changed. Additionally, it could make the exports for the schedule not come out as expected.

    Keep an eye on the Product Info & Releases Blog. Anytime we release a new CRD version, release notes will be posted here. That way you can stay updated on when that enhancement gets included in a new build. 

    Have a great day!


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