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Report set to hourly run stops at midnight

I have a report that is set to run every hour on the hour.  It's set to start at 11 AM and repeat every one hour.

If I select "Other" on the scheduling tab, in order to get to the "Run Every 1 Hour" section, the "Repeat every _______ hours until _______ " portion is greyed out & will not allow me to select it.  It seems to be correct, however.

The report runs fine until it gets to midnight & then it stops & does not run until noon the next day.

I have other schedules that run every 8 hours & they run fine.

What am I missing?

I've attached a screenshot of the schedule history showing the stop/start (it's a failed report due to lack of data, which is fine).  I've also attached a screenshot of the "Schedule" page.

Thanks in advance for any assistance - I'm fairly new to CRD and there's probably an easy solution.


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    Jessica Official comment

    Hi Pam, 


    I believe you and I resolved this issue through a support ticket that you logged back in March. However, I thought the answer that we found may be beneficial to other users. As discussed, CRD was running the schedule every hour on the date you specified from 11 am until 11:59 pm. At 12 am when the date switched, the scheduled run time now read "run on <insert current date> every hour from 11 am on". This was effectively telling the software to not run from 12 am until one hour past 11 am the following day. 

    When we set the schedule to run at 12 am and repeat every hour until 11:59 pm, everything worked as expected. 

    Thank you for reaching out regarding this, and I hope this helps someone in the future!

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