What is CRD?





Are you tired of spending the first week of every month manually running Crystal reports?

Do you want a quick return on your investment?

Do you need a Crystal report scheduler which is reliable, stable, and easy to use?


Then, CRD may be just the thing for you and your company. CRD is a proven enterprise solution for not only your report automation needs but automating your entire business. Rather than spending days worth of time and resources exporting Crystal reports, updating databases, and operating business processes, let CRD handle all of the grunt work.

Imagine CRD being the employee that never sleeps, never takes a vacation, and requires hardly any supervision. Moreover, imagine CRD handling a diverse array of business challenges. From automating your entire ordering and picking system to ensuring key decision makers around the world have their reports waiting in their inbox when they arrive at work, all of this is accomplished with minimal effort and expense on the end user's part.

Developed by Crystal Reports designers and system administrators, ChristianSteven Software created CRD to be the pain relief business intelligence professionals have been hoping for. 

Using CRD's proprietary technology, dozens of Fortune 500 firms from around the world have realized time and cost savings. CRD has become a tool to generate even higher levels of profitability and customer/stakeholder satisfaction.

Moving through the sections in this CRD guide will show you how to create powerful schedules that deliver simple reports dynamically, create custom data-driven and event based schedules, and even create automation tasks that operate business functions beyond reporting.