CRD Pre-Requisites


ALL of the following pre-requisites must be met in order to successfully install and use CRD. If ANY of the following requirements are not met, some or all of CRD's functionalities will not work as designed.


Operating System - Main

Please ensure at least ONE of the following 32 or 64 bit Operating Systems is in place with all the latest service packs and/or updates installed:

    • Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2008R2
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2012R2
    • Windows Server 2016


Operating System - Additional

Please ensure ALL of the following are in place:

    • .NET Framework 4.6
    • UAC is switched off (Windows 10, Windows Server 2008)
    • Primary Drive Disk Space
      • Minimum: 20 GB free
      • Recommended: 200 GB total 
    • Installed Memory/RAM
      • Minimum: 4 GB
      • Recommended: 8 GB 


Note: Disk space and Memory/RAM requirements will vary based on report outputs.

Note: You may have multiple versions of .NET Framework installed. However, 3.5 must be one of the installed versions as it has components that other versions do not have.


Crystal Reports* - Main

Please ensure that ONE of the following Developer or Developer Advanced Editions of Crystal Reports is in place:

    • Crystal Reports 8.5xx
    • Crystal Reports 9.xx
    • Crystal Reports 10.xx
    • Crystal Reports XI (11.xx)
    • Crystal Reports XIR2 (115.xx)
    • Crystal Reports 2008 (12.xx)
    • Crystal Reports 2011 (13.xx)
    • Crystal Reports 2013 (13.xx)
    • Crystal Reports 2016 (13.xx)


Note: Crystal Reports 2013 and higher uses 13.xx runtimes.

*Please see the last section of this document for important information about Crystal Reports.*


Crystal Reports - Additional

Please ensure ALL of the following are in place: 

    • All available Service Packs for your version
    • All Hotfixes for your version


Microsoft Office

If you will use extended Output functions (e.g. Email, Excel Bursting, Document Properties, etc.), please ensure that ONE of the following is in place with all of the latest updates and fixes installed:

    • Outlook/Excel/Office 2007 32 Bit Version Only
    • Outlook/Excel/Office 2010 32 Bit Version Only
    • Outlook/Excel/Office 2013 32 Bit Version Only
    • Outlook/Excel/Office 2016 32 Bit Version Only
    • Outlook/Excel/Office 365


Note: If you are using any other versions of Outlook or Office, ensure you have installed the latest service packs and updates.


Microsoft Exchange

If you use Exchange to process email, please ensure that the following is in place:

    • Any version of Exchange released after January 2006 (Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, etc)


Note: Integration with other versions of Exchange may work even if the latest service packs are not installed, but some functionality may error or be unavailable. For best results, please ensure you have applied the latest service pack and all updates.


SMTP Server

If you use SMTP to process email, please ensure that ALL of the following are in place:

    • You must know your mailbox security credentials.
    • Your server must allow relaying.
    • The IP address of the CRD machine is whitelisted on the mail server


Note: If you do not know your mailbox security credentials or are unsure if your server allows relaying, please contact your Email Administrator.


Windows NT Service Scheduler

CRD installs a background application scheduler by default. However, if you wish to use the Windows (NT) Service scheduler, you can do so by going to Options > Scheduling and clicking the radio button next to Use NT Service.

Prior to using the NT Service Scheduler, you must ensure ALL of the following:

    • The Windows Service user has full security rights to the mailbox to be used (if you will be emailing reports).
    • The above user has full security rights to network files and folders (if you are reading reports across the network and if you are exporting to network folders).
    • The above user has full security rights to any FTP location you may be exporting to.
    • The above user has Log on as service rights on the local PC.
    • The above user has Act as part of the operating system rights on the local PC.
    • The above user is a local administrator (or a member of the local administrator group) of the PC.


Note: If you need assistance with any of the pre-requisites listed above, please contact your system administrator.


User Account Controls & Anti-Virus Software

At the time CRD is installed on the machine, it is imperative that both User Account Controls (UAC) and the anti-virus on the machine are turned off. Most issues resulting in CRD not installing properly are because the Anti-virus flags the CRD installer as malware, and the installation cannot complete successfully. Please ensure that you or your IT personnel are available to disable these features until the installation is complete.

Once the installation is finished, these can be turned back on. 


Important Information

Listed below are a few important pieces of information you should know regarding CRD and Crystal Reports:

    • CRD has been developed to save you the time and energy in creating your own custom report distribution application. Buying CRD is the equivalent of hiring a competent developer to develop a report distribution application for you using your own licensed Crystal components.
    • CRD does not come with Crystal runtime components included. It will interface with these components if they exist on your PC. The components are required by CRD in order to read your Crystal Reports, run them and export them. You must obtain the components yourself by buying and installing a copy of Crystal Reports Developer or Developer Advanced Edition from your regular software reseller, or from Business Objects. Your Crystal Reports developer, or your Crystal Reports account manager, should be able to help you with this.
    • Whilst CRD will read and schedule reports which are written in earlier versions of Crystal, it uses the components (DLLs, exes etc.) found in Crystal Developer or Developer Advanced editions to read current and older reports. It will not modify or upgrade your reports to the newer version. It will simply read them.
    • Make sure you visit the Crystal website and update your installation of Crystal with ALL the service packs and Hotfixes that have been released for your version of Crystal Reports.
    • CRD may not be able to schedule some reports that were written in versions of Crystal earlier than 8.5.
    • It is your responsibility when installing Crystal Reports editions and components to ensure that you are licensed to use these components within your organization. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you do not exceed the number of licenses you have bought from Business Objects. Please read your Crystal Reports License very carefully.


By carrying on with this installation and using CRD you confirm that you understand your Crystal Reports License Agreement and that you assume full responsibility for ensuring that Crystal Reports Licensing terms are met.

For complete details on the Crystal Reports License, view your Crystal Reports License Agreement.