Using the Main Menu


After you log in to IntelliFront, you have access to the areas of IntelliFront BI as defined by the permissions for your User Group. Request access from your Administrator if you do not have access to an area.

The main menu for IntelliFront BI is permission driven.

  • Below is a typical menu for a user who creates Gizmos, Reports, Users, and other Administration tasks:

  • Below is the main menu of the BI Portal for a user who executes reports on demand:

The Menu choices are:

  • The Timeline page displays the status and last execution time of Gizmos executed either by trigger or manually. There are four status:  Success, Failure, Waiting to Run, and Currently Running. Clicking on a Gizmo on the Timeline will open the Gizmo for editing.

  • The Workshop menu allows you to define Gizmos, Boards, and Reports.  Refer to Workshop - Gizmos, Boards, and Reports for more details.
  • The Users & Groups menu provides access to your Profile as well as User Manager and Groups Manager areas if you have the appropriate permissions. 
  • The Library menu stores the account details for the report sources.
  • The Administrative menu provides access to administrative features.
  • The Reports Timeline menu is a user who can run reports on demand. This view shows the status of the report processing.  Learn more about the Reports Timeline...
  • The Gallery menu is for a user who can run reports on demand.  Learn more about the Gallery...
  • The My Account menu is accessed by clicking on your Username in the upper, right corner:

    • Help - Opens the Help Articles in a new browser window
    • Give Feedback - Opens an email to provide feedback to the IntelliFront development team
    • My Profile - Allows you to edit your profile such as your username, avatar image, and password. Learn more about editing personal info, avatar, and password...
    • Settings - Provides access to the settings area
    • Log Out - Used to log out of IntelliFront.  Learn more...