Adding a Destination to a Gizmo


Refer to Creating a Gizmo to start a new gizmo. 

A Destination is where the reports in a gizmo will be delivered to when the gizmo is run. A destination can be email, drive, FTP, SharePoint, printer, etc. You can add multiple destinations too such as email and disk.

To add a destination to an existing gizmo:

  1. Click the Add dropdown menu and select Destination to add to this gizmo. 

  2. The Add Destination page is displayed:

  3. Create a new destination using the New Item tab:

    There are multiple types of destinations:
    • Disk - The destination path is a network resource and must be a valid Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. The path components must be in the format of \\server\share\file_path

    • Email - The destination is one or more email recipients. Define recipients, select Send From account, type the subject, and type the email body. A WYSIWYG editor allows you to format your email body.  You can also insert constants using the menu for the subject or body such as the CurrentGizmoName or CurrentDate.

    • Printer - The destination can be a printer
    • FTP - The destination can be an FTP server. Select the FTP account and folder to store the output.

    • SharePoint - The destination can be a SharePoint location.

      Click Save and Close to return to the gizmo. 

  4. Alternately, select an existing destination using the Item Library tab.  You can search and use column header sorting to find the existing destinations to select. 

    Click Submit to save this existing destination and return to the gizmo.

  5. Destinations created appear on the gizmo:

  6. Repeat these steps for additional destinations for this gizmo.  The example above shows 3 different types of destinations for the sample gizmo.