Adding a Trigger to a Gizmo


Refer to Creating a Gizmo to start a new gizmo.

A Gizmo’s Trigger determines when the Gizmo will be run automatically by IntelliFront BI. A trigger can be time-based or event-driven. You can have none to many triggers in any Gizmo.  

To add a trigger to an existing gizmo:

  1. Click the Add dropdown menu and select Trigger to add to this gizmo.

  2. The New Trigger page is displayed:

  3. Type the trigger name in the Add name... field and click the check to save it.
  4. By default, it will be a one time trigger where you specify the Start Date and Execution Time.  
    • Daily triggers allow you to specify the frequency in number of days (e.g., every 1 day, every 3 days, etc.)

    • Weekly triggers allow you to specify the frequency in number of weeks and days of the week

    • Monthly triggers allow you to specify the frequency in terms of months.  The trigger can fire each month or on specific months, as well as on specific days of the month or days of the week

  5. Specify the account used to fire the trigger.  By default, My Windows Account is selected. However, you can select another account.
  6. Next, you can add Options to the trigger using the Add Options menu: 

    • End Date - specify the end date or last eligible date the trigger will run

    • Repeat Interval - specify the frequency within the day. This allows you to specify that the trigger will fire multiple time in a day. The time specified must be after the trigger Execution Time.

    • CPU Priority - specify the priority given to this gizmo.  The choices are: 
      • Normal  {Need definitions for these}
      • Idle
      • High
      • RealTime
      • BelowNormal
      • AboveNormal

    • Timeout - specify that the task will stop if it is running for more than defined number of seconds, minutes, or hours

  7.  Save the trigger and return to the gizmo by select Save and Close

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