Adding a Data Driver to a Gizmo


Refer to Creating a Gizmo to start a new gizmo.

To add a data driver to an existing gizmo:

  1. Click the Add dropdown menu and select Data Driver to add to this gizmo.

  2. The Data Driver page is displayed:

  3. Select the ODBC Account for the data driver
  4. Click Get Tables
  5. Select the Query Table to use
  6. Make sure the appropriate Primary Key is selected for the table
  7. Click Add Rule to start to define the query. 

  8. Select the columns for the WHERE clause.
  9. Add Groups as needed.
  10. Use the Edit Query button to convert the query into an input area where you can manually edit
  11. Use the Validate Query button to validate your query is valid. 
  12. Click Save & Close to add this Data Driver to a Gizmo.  There can only be one Data Driver on a Gizmo.