User Interface Features


IntelliFront BI uses a consistent user interface and messaging to provide you with a better experience. Below are several of the features you will find throughout the application:

  • Success and Error Messaging:  Messages are shown in the upper, right corner in a bubble to give you feedback after attempting to save an object.  


  • Save verses Save and Close:  The Save button provides two additional options to speed your progress when you click on the caret symbol:

    • Save - saves the object and keeps you on the page
    • Save and Close - saves the object and returns you to the previous page
    • Save and Create Another - saves the object and reopens the form to start another object
  • Object progress:  When creating a new object like a Gizmo or SSRS Report, the status or progress of the object components is shown on the right edge.  The status will go from grey to gold as you complete the steps to create the component of the object.


  • Add and Action buttons:  Objects will have Add or Act buttons or both.  
    • The Add button will add components to the object (e.g., add an SSRS Report component to the Gizmo object).  

    • The Act button will give access to common actions performed on the object (e.g., execute Gizmo).

  • Tabs:  Objects or Pages that contain a heavy amount of content are often split into tabs.  The tabs will appear in the upper, left portion of the page below the navigation menu.

  • Inserts for System Constants and Data-Driven Values: Several objects will have fields which allow you to insert a system constant or a data-driven value.  For example, a SSRS Report  or Crystal Report may require parameters which can be defined using system constants or data-driven values. 

    The insert is shown using the  menu. Clicking  will display submenu choices such as System Constants or Data-Driven Values.  Hovering on a choice will expand the selection to show you the actual values you can insert.  

    Further, you can edit the value once you select the constant.  System Constants can be adjusted by typing in the input area.  For example, edit the AdjustBy value for a date to change it from current week (0) to previous week (-1):