Create and Run a Board


A Board represents a group or category or even a project. One or more Gizmos are grouped together in a Board. Whether you are grouping Gizmos by business regions, organization departments or your customers, you can categorize them all inside Boards. 

Create a Board from the Workshop area's Board tab:


  1. Click the Add button  to start a new board
  2. The Add Board page appears:

  3. Type the board name in the Add name... field.
  4. Select a color to represent the board.  You can organize your boards for color coding that meets your business needs. For example, you can assign RED as the color for all the customer-related boards and GREEN for all your internal department boards. 
  5. Optionally, search for gizmos to select and add to this board.  Alternately, you can also add a gizmo to a board from the Add or Edit Gizmo interface. 
  6. Click Save and Close board button.


After you create the board and add Gizmos to the board, you can take several actions on the board by clicking .

  • Run All:  Runs all gizmos associated with the board immediately
  • Enable All:  Enables all gizmos associated with the board
  • Disable All:  Disables all gizmos associated with the board
  • Delete Board:  Deletes the board

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