Adding a Crystal Report to a Gizmo


Refer to Creating a Gizmo to start a new gizmo.

A Crystal report is a report created using the Crystal Reports software.  

To add a Crystal report to an existing gizmo:

  1. Click the Add dropdown menu and select Crystal Report to add to this gizmo.


  2. The Crystal Report settings page appears:

  3. Specify the Report Source that will be used to run the report by either selecting New Report File or Resource Manager.  

    A) New Report File allows you to select the report file from your PC using the Add report file ... or you can simply drag and drop the file or files into the report source area.  Next, Upload the report file.

    B) Resource Manager allows you to search and select a report file from the reports already uploaded.  You can search for the report by name or sort the list by Report Name or Created By.  Then click Submit to add the report to the gizmo.

  4. After the report is loaded, you should set the report parameters. The parameter fields were defined with the Crystal Report.  Below is a sample:

    • Edit the Report Name as desired
    • Optionally, check Use Saved Data to run report with saved data rather than retrieve latest data from the database.
    • Optionally, change the report status from Enabled to disabled.  Disabled reports will not execute. 
    • Click on the Go to Parameters Tab button to display the Parameters tab:

    • Set the report parameters. 
    • Optionally, use the  menu to supply system constants or data-driven values.
      • System Constants can be adjusted by typing in the input area.  For example, edit the AdjustBy value for a date to change it from current week (0) to previous week (-1):

    • Click on the Go To Report Tab button to return to the report tab.
  5. Add the Report Credentials to this report from the Add menu and selecting Credentials:

  6. Specify the Report Credentials or Pick an Account:

  7. Add the Report Output to this report from the Add menu and selecting Output:

  8. The Output area is displayed. Select the desired output format from the choices (e.g., PDF, txt, csv, XML).  

  9. Optionally, customize the report formulas. From the Add menu and select Record Selection Formula and/or Group Selection Formula.
  10. Optionally, specify the path for report refresh. From the Add menu and select Path for Report Refresh.  Specifying a path will look in that destination path for a more recent report file and use the file if it is more current.
  11. Click Save and Close Report to save the Crystal report and return to the gizmo. Alternately, you could click Save and Create Another to add another Crystal report to this gizmo.

You can add additional Crystal Reports this same way.  You can also add SSRS Reports to the gizmo.  

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