Adding a SSRS Report to a Gizmo


Refer to Creating a Gizmo to start a new gizmo.

An SSRS report is a SQL Server Reporting Services report which was already created using the SSRS interface. 

To add a SSRS report to an existing gizmo:

  1. Click the Add dropdown menu and select SSRS Report to add to this gizmo.


  2. The SSRS settings page appears:

  3. Specify the SSRS Credentials that will be used to run the report by either selecting Pick Account or SSRS Credentials.  

    A) Pick Account allows you to select the credentials from a list of Accounts that were already defined in the Library area.  {Need link}. Then click Connect to confirm the connection credentials.

    B) SSRS Credentials allows you to define new credentials by specifying the URL (http://), Username, Password, and type of account (Windows Account or Forms Account).  Then click Connect to confirm the connection credentials.

  4. After you Connect, the Select a Report section appears which shows a file structure of all report folders in the SSRS directories. Drill into a report folder and select the specific report.  Then click Load Report

  5. Optionally, specify the Group Permissions for this report.  Providing a Group Name will restrict to only execute when requested by a member of the group.  
  6. The Report Properties area is displayed where you can edit the Report name and specify any parameters.
    • Edit the Report Name to the desired name
    • If there are report parameters, then the Parameters tab is available. Click on the Go to Parameters Tab button to define the parameters for this report.

    • Fill in the parameters that were defined for the SSRS report. 
    • Click Go to Report Tab to return to the report.
  7. Add the Report Output to this report from the Add menu and selecting Output:

  8. The Output area is displayed. Select the desired output format from the choices (e.g., PDF, Excel).  

  9. Add the Data Source Credentials to this report from the Add menu and selecting Data Source Credentials:

  10. The Data Source Credentials tab is displayed.  Fill in the credentials for the report data source.

  11. Click Save and Close Report to save the SSRS report and return to the gizmo. Alternately, you could click Save and Create Another to add another SSRS report to this gizmo.

You can add additional SSRS Reports this same way.  You can also add Crystal Reports to the gizmo.  

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