Adjust Timeout Settings


This article pertains to schedules that require or use a DSN connection within the schedule such as Event Based, Data Driven and Dynamic schedules.

You may receive a Timeout error when trying to parse the data selected or running the schedule. 

The timeout error typically occurs when the data set being brought back or sorted through is too large. SQL-RD uses the properties of the 32-bit DSN being selected for time out settings.

To adjust the timeout settings for the 32 bit DSN, open the ODBC Database Source Administrator, edit the DSN that the schedule is connecting to, and change the timeout settings here.

32 bit machines: Locate the ODBC Data Source Administrator by going to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools

64 bit machines: Locate the ODBC Data Source Administrator by going to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ and opening the odbcad.exe file


If this does not resolve your issue, you must edit the data selection so that it brings back smaller data.