Installing Ekho On Your iPhone


You can install Ekho on your iPhone directly by using the following steps below. If you wish to install Ekho on your phone using the Apple Store via your desktop click here.

  1. In the iPhone AppStore, search for “ChristianSteven Ekho”

  2. Click the Ekho icon to view more information, screenshots and reviews of Ekho
  3. To download, click the GET button, and when it changes click the INSTALL button

  4. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password to verify the installation

  5. Once the install is complete, open the Ekho app by clicking the OPEN, or click the icon in your Home menu

  6. When the Ekho app opens, enter the Customer ID, email, and password that you registered using the Ekho Desktop App

  7. Once logged in, you will be able to see each server on which the Ekho service is installed and registered to your Customer ID
             a. For servers where the CRD Scheduler is installed and actively                      running, you will see a status of ON:
             b. For servers where the CRD Scheduler is installed, but turned off,                  you will see an OFF status:
             c. For servers where Ekho has been installed, but the Ekho Service is             not running, you will not see a status icon. Resolve by starting the               Ekho Service on the Desktop