How to use MARS to Automate Access queries, Access Macros, and Access Reports


As it turns out, there is life on MARS after all! Well, automated life that is. As a tool that can automate Access, MARS may not be a living breathing creature, but it can perform tasks that an ordinary person would be forced to do. Let’s look at a few ways Martian technology can help Access reporting travel at light speed:

Schedule Access Queries

Without the need to write a macro, users can easily set MARS to run Access queries. Through its Graphical user interface, users can log into MARS, select the query, the output format and the trigger time. From there, the query will run every time at the required time. Access queries can be batched by using the package schedule as well.

Automate Access Reports

Is Access the lifeblood of your reporting infrastructure? MARS can help breathe new life into it by scheduling Access reports. As simple as scheduling Access queries in MARS, simply select the Access Reports parameters, desired format, and destination. Access Reports have the added bonus of Data Driven or Dynamically driven publication. With these functions, Access reports can be automatically delivered based on changing parameters, and destinations such as email addresses. It just may be as close as we can get to intelligent life on MARS; business intelligent that is.




Automatically Trigger Access Macros

Already have macros that need to be triggered? MARS has a handy tool called Custom Tasks that can execute Access macros, update database records, run scripts, and more. In an Automation Schedule, select execute Access Macros.  Then choose the desired macro, and any additional parameters and options. Use MARS to combine Access macros and other processes with the Event Driven Schedule. Now macros, queries and reports can be triggered based on events in databases, or file systems.



Scientists may not have discovered much on the planet Mars yet, but there is much more for MS Access users to discover in MARS the software. With its ability to automate Access, queries, macros, or reports, finding new ways to automate your business intelligence is the new final frontier!

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