Using SQL-RD to upload/download files from a database


SQL-RD’s latest build that allows you to either upload or download files from a database. Files can be stored in databases as BLOBs. BLOBs are especially helpful when data sets such as customer records, need to have specific files or documents accompany them. When moving data sets between tables or databases, these files most move with the records. In other cases, these files need to be updated for each record on a regular basis. Using SQL-RD, you can automate this process.SNAGHTML524b72 Let’s take a look at this brief guide on how to create tasks for downloading and uploading BLOBs from a database.

  • Open SQL-RD and start an Automation Schedule. Name your schedule, and set the trigger time (daily, hourly, monthly, etc.).
  • In the tasks section Scroll down to the Database tasks. You should see 2 options for BLOBs, Get BLOB from SQL Server or Save BLOB to SQL Server. Let’s first tackle how to upload files to a database. Select Save BLOB to SQL Server. Enter your Server name and database credentials. Click Connect to connect.
  • In the bottom section, select the table and column where you want to upload the file. Next in the Value field, browse to select the file you wish to save to the database.
  • Continue to add and save files as you wish. Click OK when done. Remember, you can only upload files to a database field that has the correct Data Type (Image or Binary).




  • To download files from a database, select the Get BLOB from Database task.
  • Similar to the Save BLOB task, enter your database credentials.
  • In the Data Section, select the table and column where the BLOB is located.
  • You narrow your selection criteria in the lower field. Clicking on the Advanced tab, you can write your own query to specify which records you will pull files from.
  • Finally in the File Location section, select the location where the BLOB files will be saved.

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