MARS Explorer



MARS provides a familiar "Explorer-like" interface to help you manage your folders. Folders help you manage and  organize your reports and frequencies.




The MARS Explorer interface is divided into two sections. The left pane contains the tree like navigation tool to help you navigate folders quickly. The right pane will display schedules in the selected folder.


 Selecting a folder will bring up the list of schedules in the main viewer. Your Smart Folders and System Folders are found in the left pane as well.



Selecting and right-clicking on a folder in the left pane reveals the actions you can take using a folder.



Open: This opens a new window showing the contents of the folder.


Move: This options a folder selection dialogue to allow you to choose a folder to move the folder.


Rename: This allows you to rename the folder.


Delete: This allows you to delete the folder.


All Contents: This option allows you to apply the selected action to all the contents of the folder.  


Refresh: This refreshes the cached report the schedule uses for the report.

Disable: This disables all schedules in the current folder and any child folders.

Enable: This enables all schedules in the current folder and any child folders.

Execute: This allows you to manually execute all schedules in the selected folder and any child folders.



You can create a new folder by right-clicking on an empty space in the left pane and selecting New Folder. You can also click on the "New Folder" button on the Quick Access Toolbar, right click in the parent folder and select New - Folder.




When creating a new schedule you also have the option to create a folder.




Select the parent folder and click "OK"

Enter a name for the new folder and click OK.


.recovered folder: The ".recovered" folder is an automatic folder that is created by MARS to recover schedules and folders that were not deleted correctly. Please check in this folder for any missing schedules.