System Tab





The system Tab houses key options for maintaining your MARS system. The System Monitor, system backup, and the user manager are all located here.



System Monitor: This brings up the "System Monitor" module used to view scheduling and other system events and processes.  For more information on the "System Monitor" module, click here.


Collaboration: Opens the Collaboration menu. It is powerful tool that enables you to load balance your schedules. For details on Collaboration click here.


User Manager:  The User Manager module allows you to set up users and administrators.  Click here for more information.


Operational hours: This allows to set hours during which Event-Based schedules can be triggered off. For more information, please click here.


SMTP Servers Manager:  You can configure and manage any number of SMTP servers. You can use different SMTP servers for different schedules.  You can setup SMTP servers as backup servers (in case the main server is down).  For more information, click here.


Remote Administration:  Control a remote installation of MARS from your desktop.  Click here for more information.


Export Schedules:  Use this option to export schedules from this installation of MARS to another one. For more information click here.


Remote Administration (connect and Disconnect):  Connect directly to a remote MARS Machine. For more information click here.


Back up And Restore:  Back up your MARS system or restore from a stored backup. For more information click here.