Scheduler/ Application Scheduler




The background application scheduler is a windows application which monitors MARS and fires off reports when they become due.  It is an application, therefore it will stop working if the user logs off or the PC is shut down *.  Here is how to install it:


  • Select "Use background scheduling application"

  • Click "Apply Settings" to install the scheduler.

  • Click "Start Service" to start the scheduler.






When the scheduler is running, you will see an icon the windows system tray (next to the clock).  

Right-click on this icon to


  • temporarily switch off the scheduler until you log on again

  • temporarily pause scheduling

  • enter the MARS editor

  • Start a stand alone instance of the System Monitor.



Left click on this icon to see

  • Last polled date/time

  • Last polled results (number of schedules found and executed)

  • Time to next poll


Whenever the MARS Editor is started, it checks to see if the scheduler is switched off, and switches it on if it finds this to be the case.  


To stop this Behaviour, check the "Do note check and restart...".


* If you want to be able to log off the PC without stopping MARS scheduling, then you must install and use the Windows (NT) Service Scheduler.

*When using Background Scheduler, logging into multiple windows profiles on the same machine, will result in multiple instances of schedulers running on the same machine. This can causes issues such as duplicate reports. To avoid this, it can be recommended to use the NT Service.