Registering for Support




The first time you use MARS you will be prompted to register for support.  This facility collects information from you through a web form.  Once submitted, the information is used to generate a customer number which will be sent to you by email.  This customer number is required in order to log technical support queries.  You will also receive periodic information about updates to the system and promotions we may be running.


If you do not have Internet access on the PC you have installed MARS you can register for free support by visiting the following location on our website:




Evaluation users:  Follow the prompts and fill out the web form.  You will receive your customer number by email.  Enter your new customer number in Options - General to stop MARS from prompting you to register again.


Licensed users:  Select "Cancel".  Then go to Options - General and enter the customer number you were sent at the time of purchase.



We respond to all queries by email.  Please ensure that all emails from "" are allowed through your anti-spam and other security systems irrespective of content.  This is important as customer numbers, product keys, code sample etc can contain "nonsense" phrases and may be quarantined by your security system.


If you have not received any response to your query or registration within 24 hours, please ensure that "" is white-listed by your security system.  Check your "spam" or "quarantined" folders, and then re-submit your query.


Support Queries:

Because of the amount of spam and hoaxes we receive daily, support queries are only allowed through our security system if you use a valid customer number.  You can register free for support.  You will receive an email with a valid customer number.  Registration is free.


Once complete, click "Next" to get to the finish screen.






You can elect to go to configure advanced system settings when you click 'Finish'. Click "Finish" to complete the Welcome to MARS wizard.