Administrator Setup




To use MARS you must log on.  Your security credentials determine what you can do and what schedules you can see.  When you first use MARS you must create an Administrator account.


Once you are logged on as an Administrator, you can use the User Manager module to set up additional Administrators and Users, set the system to log on automatically using a specified user, assign specific folders and schedules to specified users, etc..  


To create an Administrator account, simply fill in the required information in the fields above.  If you forget the administrator credentials, you will need to log a support query with our Technical Support Helpdesk.


All configuration must be performed by an Administrator.  The administrator must also have full rights to all folders on the PC and the system registry (for installation, configuration and activation).


IMPORTANT:  Make a note of the username and password you set up as you will need these again to use MARS.


Click "Save" and then click "Next" to configure messaging (which is optional at this stage).