MS Excel - Data Only (.xls)




Excel option require that you have MS Office 2000 or above installed and you have applied the very latest service pack for your version of MS Office.


The general options are self explanatory.


When Crystal exports reports to excel it names the worksheet "Sheet 1".  Enter a new name in the indicated field if you wish to overwrite this.




Excel Group Bursting: This facility enables you to burst each resulting report group into an individual worksheet, and present your report as a number of worksheets in a single workbook.  Simply check the option and tell CRD what database column or Crystal formula your group is based on.




Each group value will be listed as separate tab in your work book.


Note: Group values must be within Group Header of your Report.


Also Note:  This feature is not related to the Bursting Schedule. In order to burst a report completely, please see Bursting Schedule


Workbook Password:  Password protect your workbook by checking this option and entering the desired password.


Freeze Panes: This option 'freezes' the first column/row of the worksheet. The frozen column/row will remain visible as the user scrolls through the worksheet. By default this is set to 'Freeze None.'




Export Page Ranges




Use this option to select to export all pages, or just a selection.


File Summary



Determine file summary by filling in the required properties as illustrated above.

If properties are not filled in or are left blank, the original properties which

exist in the exported report will be preserved.  To overwrite these with a blank,

enter a space in the field you wish to overwrite.


Hint:  For Excel Data Only output, there are some extra options available in Options - General.  Theses are system-wide options and will affect every single Excel Data Only export.  They cannot be pre-determined on a schedule by schedule basis.


Data Only


This feature is available if you are running Crystal 11 runtimes or later.