Acrobat Format (.pdf)


Format Options


CRD can Export your report in PDF Format. Moreover, you can customize your PDF output by using the options below.




PDF options :  You can enable extra PDF options.  If you choose not to use the options, a standard pdf file will be exported.


File Permissions:  Enter passwords and select the options you require.  Files will be encrypted using pdf 128 Bit encryption.  The resulting files can only be opened with versions of Acrobat which can handle this level of encryption e.g. Acrobat 6 and above.


You can include a watermark or stamp to be inserted in the PDF document. Select image92.gif for more options.




Configure your Watermark's layout.




Your Watermark can be a graphic such as a corporate logo.





PDF Bookmarks: You can add bookmarks to the output PDF file based on the field/formula that is inserted into the Group Header 1 section of the Crystal Report.


Export Page Ranges




Use this option to select to export all pages, or just a selection.


File Summary



Determine file summary by filling in the required properties as illustrated above.  If properties are not filled in or are left blank, the original properties which exist in the exported report will be preserved.  To overwrite these with a blank, enter a space in the field you wish to overwrite.


PDF Expiry Date: add an expiration date to the PDF file. After the expiry date, the PDF file will become inactive.