SMTP Servers Manager





You can set up a number of SMTP servers and select from the list of existing servers when creating schedules.  This allows you to use a different SMTP server for each schedule should you wish.  This is useful if you want the "From" name and email address to be different for different recipients.


Example: Reports and Alerts sent to customers come from the Customer Services Email Account;

Alerts And Reports Relating to IT come from the IT Department's Account






 A "check" indicates that this server has been selected as a backup server.  If the selected server fails, CRD will attempt to send the email through the backup server instead.  If there is no backup server selected, CRD will continue to re-try the email (See "Retry Failed Mails") using just the server which has been selected for that schedule.


Click Add to add another Server.




As stated above, you can set this account to be a back up email server.


Click Test to confirm that the settings are correct.


click OK to continue.



Sending Through Another SMTP Account or Customize Sender Details




In an email output, you can customize the senders details. Rather than the email appearing to come from a CRD user, it can appear to come from any individual you desire.


Mail Server to use an added SMTP account simply select it from the drop down box.