This option can be found in the Option Screen's Scheduler Section.




Multi-threading:  This allows up to 4 reports to be exported simultaneously.  Your

system resources will be shared so this will not always mean that reports will take

1/4 the normal time.  For example:


You have 4 reports.  Each one takes 15 minutes to export.

In single threaded mode, it would take 1 hour to complete the export

In multi-threaded mode, you would expect it to take 15 minutes for all 4.  

However, the sharing of  your system resources by 4 reports may result in each report

taking longer that 15 minutes and the total time for 4 reports may be more than 15

minutes (but definitely less than 1 hour).


*Tip: Combine Collaboration with multi-threading to further increase your reporting performance. Each collaborator (a CRD installation) will receive 4 threads. For example if you have 3 Collaborators, you have a possible 12 threads.