Automation Schedule/ General





With General Tasks, you can perform basic tasks such as printing documents, waiting, or executing other schedules.


For more information about each of the tasks, click the relevant link below:


Run Program/Open Document

Print Document


Execute Schedule

Send SMS

Run Program / Open Document



Use this task to open a document or run a program or batch file.


Task Name:  Enter a name for the task.


Program/Document Path:  Browse to find the path of the program or document.


Working Directory: Each process has associated with it a directory, called its current working directory or simply working directory, that is used in the resolution of relative file names. Path names that do not start with the root directory are assumed by the operating system to start from the working directory. You can use this option to change the working directory to be different from the execution directory.


Optional Parameter:  Enter any arguments or parameters.


Windows Style:  Choose from Normal, Minimized, Maximized or Hidden.


You can further instruct CRD to wait for the program to exit or to stop waiting for the program after a specified amount of time.





Print Document



Use this task to print documents to a specified printer.



Task Name:  Enter a name for the task

Printer Name:  Select a printer or print driver from the list.


Click  image11.gif  to browse for files to add to the printing list.



Wait / Pause



Use this task to create pauses between tasks to ensure that one task is fully complete before the next task in the list is started.



Task Name:  Enter a name for the task.


Select the pause interval to suit your requirements.



Execute Schedule



This is a useful facility for "chaining" schedules together.  Simply select the schedule you want to run from the list and click OK.


Task Name:  Enter a name for the task.


Send SMS



You can send SMS messages using this task. You will need to make sure your SMS messaging configuration in Options is functional.