Command Line Options


Command Line Options



Command line switches are all optional, and it doesn't matter the order you put them in.  Switches are separated by a semi colon (;).




To execute a single schedule called "myschedule": SQL-RD.exe -s schedulename=myschedule

To do the above without any messages showing: SQL-RD.exe -s schedulename=myschedule;showmsg=no

To ignore the email address in the schedule and send to a specified email address:  SQL-RD.exe -s schedulename=myschedul;showmsg=no;

To send a package:  SQL-RD.exe -p schedulename=mypackage;showmsg=no






Creating a schedule by command line:

Run SQL-RD.exe with the switch of -x e.g. \SQL-RD\SQL-RD.exe -x

And then the following parameters

                        ScheduleName : name of schedule

                        ReportPath : path of crystal report

                        FolderName : folder to store schedule

                        SQL-RDUser :SQL-RD login userid

                        SQL-RDPassword : SQL-RD login password

                        UserID : crystal report database userid

                        Password : crystal report database password

                        Frequency : schedule frequency {Daily, Weekly,Monthly,Yeary,Weekdays,Custom:[calendarname]}

                        RunAt : time schedule executes

                        Description : schedule description

                        Keyword : schedule keywords

                        StartDate :start date for schedule

                        EndDate : end date for schedule

                        Repeat : 1 or 0  if schedule is to repeat

                        RepeatInterval  : repeat interval

                        RepeatUntil : repeat until time

                        Status : 1 or 0

                        UseLogin : 1or 0

                        UseSavedData : 1 or 0

                        Destination : schedule destination {Email,Disk,Fax,Printer,Ftp}

                        DestinationName : name of destination

                        SendTo : email send to or fax number

                        CC : email cc

                        Bcc : email Bcc

                        Subject  : email subject

                        Message : email message

                        Extras : extra attachments

                        MailFormat : text or html

                        SMTPServer : specify SMTP server

                        OutputPath : disk output path

                        FTPServer :




                        Format : schedule output format

                        Zip : 1 or 0

                        Embed : 1 or 0

Parameter: [parametername]:[parametervalue]


Separate out the switches using a semi-colon(;)


e.g. SQL-RD.exe -x schedulename:myschedule;reportpath:c:\myreports;foldername:Bills Reports


and so on.