Resources Tab






The Resource Tab features options that enable you to get help, log a support ticket, check for updates, and activate the software.


About SQL-RD:  Review your build information and review your license information.


The About Screen:



First and Last Name:  Your first and last name goes here.

Company Name: Enter Your Company Name

Customer Number:  Enter your provided customer number here.

License key: Enter your license key here. This number is a different from your activation Key. To enter your license key, click on "enter license." The license key field will now be accessible; enter your license key EXACTLY as it appears in your documentation. Your License key can also be found in the member area.


*Note: if the incorrect license key is entered, SQL-RD will fail to update properly.


Help:  Open the SQL-RD Help guide.


Demos:  Watch demos and how-to videos for SQL-RD


User Forums:  Access the SQL-RD user forum, to ask questions and get answers


Browse Kbase:   Review the SQL-RD knowledge base to find answers to common questions.


Check for Updates:   Check CSS servers for the newest SQL-RD version.


 Support files:  Generates a zip file to be used in the support process. For more information on support review the Technical Support Guide.


Log a Call:  Log a Technical Support ticket to get immediate help. For more information on support review the Technical Support Guide.


Activate:  Initiate the SQL-RD Activation wizard, click here for the activation tutorial.


Deactivate:  Initiate the SQL-RD Deactivation Wizard. Click here for the deactivation tutorial.


Upgrade Features:  Apply your feature upgrade key here.




Validate Features:  This function verifies the features you have purchased and installed. Purchased options are indicated with a checkbox. If a function you believe you have purchased does not appear here, you can verify it in the Member Area or with your account manager.