System Paths




Cached Data Folder:  SQL-RD stores information which is used by event-based and other schedules


Snapshots folder:  This is where Snapshots will be stored.


Temporary Output Folder:  SQL-RD uses this folder to store temporary files.  To automatically clear down this folder so that your PC does not run out of disk space, you can set how long the items in the temporary folder should be kept.




Cached Reports Folder:  SQL-RD stores copies of your report files (*.rpt) and executes these copies.  The copies are cached in this folder.


Sent Messages Repository (SMTP): SQL-RD will use this folder to store information on your sent email messages via your configured SMTP server.


You can also set SQL-RD to convert the files to *.msg format for viewing in MS Outlook. Please note that the files are converted on the fly on viewing them from the sent messages section in the System Monitor.


*Note if you are using CSSWeb, ensure that you are using the full UNC path to machine and directory.