Technical Support


Click here to log a support ticket.

Technical Support is provided by the ChristianSteven Technical Support Desk. Technical Support is available to evaluation and licensed users of MARS who have registered for support. licensed users must have an active maintenance account in order to receive support.


Registration for Technical Support  is free. Once registered, you can submit Technical Support queries. All MARS support resources are available from the following location:


Please note that all non-Technical and other queries are dealt with by Member Services.


Logging A Support Ticket


If you encounter any technical issues (i.e. errors, bugs, failures) the quickest and most efficient way to receive help is by logging a support ticket. ChristianSteven employs a dedicated support team to solve a variety of issues regarding MARS. Moreover, the Support team has access to development staff as well.


Do not send an email directly to support. You message would not be properly logged and will delay your response. Also, Live Chat Staff can answer basic software questions, and can assist with issues such as the Member Area. Your account manager can guide and facilitate the support process, however he or she will not be able to solve your support issue.


To log a support ticket:


Go the Resource Tab and select Log a call.





MARS will contact the ChristianSteven Support Server, and display a web form.





If you have opened the support page through MARS will auto populate the information above. If you have opened it through the link provided above, then you will need to fill out the information. You can find your customer number, and build information in MARS's about screen.




Verify that you have completed the checked tasks. Most of the time the answers to your questions or issues can be found here. If you review the version history in the member area, a newer build may have already fixed your issue.






If you have tried all of the above and the issue still persists, you detail your problem in the field above. Be as descriptive as you can. This helps the support team test and investigate the problem prior to contacting you.




In this final stage you would upload your support files. This is not mandatory however this file enables us to replicate your settings in our environment. Also you can attach screenshots. This information helps us obtain everything we need in order to solve the issue.


****IMPORTANT**** After clicking SUBMIT, ensure you are directed to a "ticket submitted successfully" page. If this page does not appear, your ticket WAS NOT SUBMITTED.


Creating support Files


To create support files, go to the resource tab and select Support Files.






Select the output location for the resulting zip file. Typical you would not select the other options listed. However, if there is information you do not wish to share, you want to keep the file size low, or you need to change the file extension for security reasons, you can do so.


click OK. Now you can send the support file via email or attach it to the support form.


Submitting the Ticket and the Support Process


Once you have submitted the ticket, you should receive a "thank you" message. Also, you will receive confirmation via email. One of CSS's key performance indicators is that we respond to you with in 30 minutes of the call being logged (during normal global business hours).


The support team will contact you via email. For simple issues, detailed instructions for solving the issue may be sent. For more complex issues, they will send a request for a Goto Meeting.


Note: Make sure to whitelist This ensures you can receive emails from support.


You can reply to a support email by simply replying to the message that was sent. If you ticket was closed, you can reply to a support email concerning the closed ticket to reopen it. Changing the email's subject will cause the reply to be truncated.


In the Member Area's blackbox, you can also review your support tickets as well as reply to supports messages.


Throughout the Support process, your issue will be escalated accordingly until it is solved.


Note: The support team does not provide support for systems outside of MARS or outside of any other CSS products. The support team does not provide training or consulting for MARS nor does it provide the same for outside products and tools. CSS does provide Consultancy however. Contact your account manager for details and rates.