Read Receipts




Read Receipts Enable you to confirm that an email has been read by the recipient after it has been sent. Tasks can be executed once or repetitively until the read receipt has been confirmed by MARS. Read Receipts can be used in most Email Destinations.


**Read Receipts can only be used Exchange email settings. MAPI and Exchange


Setting Up Read Receipts


To set up Read Receipts for an email, go to an email destination, or if you sending an email as a  custom task, go to custom tasks: send an email.




Check the box "Request a read receipt for this message." This enables read receipts for this email destination.


Clicking the triple dots box, you can review additional read receipt options.




If a read receipt has not been received within a specified amount of time, custom tasks can be executed as a result. for more info on custom tasks, see Automation Schedule.


In schedules that send multiple emails (i.e. a Dynamic Schedule), a read receipt is triggered for each of the emails sent by the schedule.



Repeat above tasks every X minutes: Any task you have created will be executed at a determined interval until a read receipt is received.



Monitoring Read Receipts


Go to the system monitor's Read Receipts tab.



All emails that are waiting for a read receipt are displayed here. Clicking on filter you can separate your read receipts by delivered, pending or received.




When the email is sent, you will receive a delivery receipt. Once confirmation that the email has been read is received, you will be notified via email as well.