User Manager








Set up new users and administrators using the User manager.  You can also delete and amend existing users.

What is user management

The principle behind the user management is simple:


  • Administrators are able to view and manipulate all schedules

  • Users can only see and manipulate schedules they have created.

  • Create Group policies to determine what user can/cannot access in MARS

  • Determine if a user as access to MARS's Web interface


How to set up a user

Click on the "Add User" Button.





Add User:  Click on the Add User button to show the new user screen.

First Name:  Enter the user's first name

Last Name:  Enter the user's last name

User ID:  Enter a suitable user name for the user

Password:  Enter a password for the user

Security Role:  Select a security role (these can be determined by the groups you have created)

Apply:  Click Apply to create the new user.

Logon Automatically:  When this option is checked, MARS will always logon using this user's credentials.  When MARS starts, the splash screen will show this user and the system will automatically log in after 10 seconds.  You can interrupt the automatic logon process by typing in a different user name and password and manually log on as a different user.

Assigning schedules to a user

Select the user from the list in the left hand pane


Assign Schedules:  "Click the Assign Schedules" button




Select the schedule or folder from the left hand pane and assign it to this user by clicking the "Add" button.

Amending a user's details

To amend a user's details

  • Click on the user then select Edit User.

  • Overwrite the existing details with the new details

  • Click "Apply".


Deleting a user

To delete a user

  • Click on the user

  • Click the "Remove" button


Security Role

MARS comes with the Administrator and User security roles. Roles help you to easily manage which functionality is available to people who will be using MARS.


You an create new roles by creating groups.




Click Add to create a new group.




Group Name: This is the name of the group.


Description: You can add a description for the group here.




MARS can highly specialize your users' security permissions. In the above window, you can then specify what permissions the group has.




Destination Restrictions: decide what destinations this group can access. For greater control, create default destinations and assign them to the group. This way users can easily set up schedules without needing to know destination paths or credentials.





Blackout Times: Control times when users are NOT allowed to schedule their reports.




Custom Tasks: Allow or disallow users accessing and of MARS's custom tasks functions.


You will now be able to assign new and existing users to the newly defined security role as below.




Windows Authentication

Windows Authentication allows you to use Windows Authentication to log in to MARS. This can help save time in creating new users for MARS. Security roles created in MARS can also be applied to users under Windows authentication.





Click on "Add User" to add a user with Windows integrated authentication.




Indicate the user domain, group and other settings accordingly.