User Constants








The User Constants module is accessible from the Advanced Toolbar and from the "New..." dropdown item for the @@User Defined Constants in the Insert Function. This module allows you to create your own constants using your own formulas.


You can use the Insert Function to enter other constants such as the MARS Constant for the CurrentDateTime above.


From the initial screen, you can search and for an existing constant with the option to include the definition of the constant in the search. The matched constants are updated as you type.


Click the Add button to bring up the Formula Editor.




Formula Name: The name of the constant.

Definition: The definition of the formula.


Click the Save Button to save a defined constant.




This will then be available for use under the @@User Defined Constants name in the Insert Function. Please click here for more information.


To delete a User Defined Constant, select the formula name from the dropdown and click the Delete button.




Click Yes to confirm deletion.


User constants allow you to compose and create your own set of constants. This can be useful in reducing the amount of work you would need to do. For example, if you have to use several constants to create a report name following a naming convention that is in use in your organization you can create a single User constant that combines these in the format you require and use this constant instead.


Inserting User Constants


To insert a user constant, use the inserts feature where available. Select User Constants, then simply drag and drop your desired constant to the desired field.