Automation Schedule- General


Run Program / Open Document



Use this task to open a document or run a program or batch file.


Task Name:  Enter a name for the task


Program/Document Path:  Browse to find the path of the program or document


Optional Parameter:  Enter any arguments or parameters


Windows Style:  Choose from Normal, Minimized, Maximized or Hidden.


You can further instruct MARS to wait for the program to exit or to stop waiting for the program after a specified amount of time.


Print Document



Use this task to print documents to a specified printer.



Task Name:  Enter a name for the task

Printer Name:  Select a printer or print driver from the list.


Click  image11.gif  to browse for files to add to the printing list.


Wait / Pause



Use this task to create pauses between tasks to ensure that one task is fully complete before the next task in the list is started.



Task Name:  Enter a name for the task.


Select the pause interval to suit your requirements.


Execute Schedule



This is a useful facility for "chaining" schedules together.  Simply select the schedule you want to run from the list and click OK.


Task Name:  Enter a name for the task.


Send SMS



You can send SMS messages using this task. You will need to make sure your SMS messaging configuration in Options is functional.