Quick Access Toolbar




The Quick Access Toolbar is a quick way to access features instead of navigating through the Ribbon.


By Default, there are eight  options listed:


MARS Icon:  Maximize, minimize, and restore the MARS window.


New Folder:  Create a new schedule folder. To learn more about folders click here.


Smart Folder:  Create a new smart folder. To learn more about Smart Folders, click here.


Options:  edit the configuration options.


System Monitor:  Access the System Monitor.


Paste Item:  Paste a MARS item (such as a schedule) after it has been copied. To Copy and paste items, right click on the desired object then select copy. Go to the desired location and place the object there using the paste button.


About MARS: Open the About MARS screen.


The About Screen:



First and Last Name:  Your first and last name goes here.

Company Name: Enter Your Company Name

Customer Number:  Enter your provided customer number here.

License key: Enter your license key here. This number is a different from your activation Key. To enter your license key, click on "enter license." The license key field will now be accessible; enter your license key EXACTLY as it appears in your documentation. Your License key can also be found in the member area.



Help Button:  Access the help file.


Adding more buttons:   Click on the down arrow next to help file button. Select customize quick access Toolbar.




Find the category for the item you want to add in the dropdown list. Click on Add to add that option to the Quiclist.


Here you can also move the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon.