User Defaults/ Default Destinations




Default destinations can be reused whilst creating new schedules.  The facility saves you from having to create the same destinations over and over again.  


Select "Add" to create a new default destination. For more information on how to set up destinations, click here.  


Share: Add the default destination to other schedules.


Duplicate: replicate the default destination. You can then edit the replicated destination as desired.


To add a default Destination, go to the Destination section of your schedule, select import to add the default destination.




Select the required default destination from the list, then select OK.




*Tip: You can also set up specific destinations for testing purposes. To test a schedule using a designated destination instead of the schedule's actual destination, right-click on the schedule.  Select Tools - Test Schedule.  You will be presented with a list of the default destinations you have set up here and you can choose any one of them.