Housekeeping/ Components




From time to time, the main dlls required to run MARS successfully will need to be re-registered into your system registry. This need may arise as a result of the install or uninstall process of other applications you may be running on your PC.


To re-register, simply select the  component with the error and select "Register component".  Depending on the version of MARS you have, you may not have all components in the list.  Do not worry.  Only components relevant to the version of MARS you are running will be in the list.




Important:  During the re-registering process, you must ensure that you are logged into the PC as the Local Administrator in order to ensure that you have full security rights to the complete system registry.  You may also need to restart the PC after registering the components to ensure that the new settings are stored by Windows.


Archive Schedules:  This option will move "disabled" schedules to an "Archive" folder.  They can be "enabled" again and moved other folders, but this option keeps your folders neat and easier to manage.


Auto Compact and Repair system files:  The MARS system files, like all databases, need repairing and re-indexing from time to time.  (Only applicable if you are using the local file system).  This option allows MARS to look after itself by repairing and re-indexing on a regular basis. Note:  If the MARS Editor is open at the time specified, MARS will automatically close it before compacting the system.