Scheduler/ Scheduler Agent



The MARS Scheduler Agent is a tool you can use to quickly review scheduler information as well as stop or start your scheduler services. If you are looking to change all of your scheduler settings, please review Scheduler Section in the Options menu.


The Scheduler Agent Can be fount in two places:


In MARS, you will find the agent on the right hand side of the screen.





Alternatively, you can find the scheduler agent located in your system tray represented by a ringing bell icon.




Double Click the icon to bring up the Scheduler Agent.





Stopping the Scheduler: To stop the scheduler using the Agent, open the scheduler agent and click the red Stop button. The stop light will switch to yellow then red. This will stop the scheduler and no reports or task will execute. If you open the MARS schedule editor, the scheduler will automatically restart.




Starting the Scheduler: To start the Scheduler using the Agent, open the Scheduler Agent and click the green start button. The light will switch from red to yellow to green. Once enabled, your schedules will resume their normal running.





You can also review other system information such as the polling interval, the number of schedules found during the last poll, and the type of scheduler the system is using.