Scheduler/ NT (Windows) Service Scheduler




The NT service is a windows service.  It installs into the windows "Services" control panel.  Before installing this option, you must ensure that the following is already in place:


  • You are logged on as the NT service user

  • The above user has the following windows security rights on the PC you are installing it on:

    1. "Act as part of the operating system"

    2. "Log on as a service"

    3. Is a member of the "Local Administrators" security group

    4. If you are using MS Exchange Server, the above user must have full rights to the designated email account.


These security requirements are stipulated by Windows.  If you are unsure how to set up Windows security settings, your system administrator will be able to help.




Windows Domain:  Type in the Domain name.  If you are using MS Exchange Server, then this must be your network domain so that MARS can connect to your Exchange server.


Windows User Name:  Enter the username for the above user.


Windows Password:  Enter the password for the above user.


Apply Settings:  Click to install the service.  If you have configured MARS to use MAPI mail, you will be prompted to select


  • Outlook Standalone

  • Exchange Server


Select the type of email system you are using and follow the prompts to complete configuration of the service.


The service will be visible in the windows "Services" control panel and will be known as "MARS".  Also visible will be "MARS Monitor".  This is a monitoring service which ensures that the MARS service is continually running.


Start Service:  Click to start the service once it is installed.




Whenever the MARS Editor is started, it checks to see if the scheduler is switched off, and switches it on if it finds this to be the case. To stop this Behaviour, check the "Do not check and restart..." option.


As this is a windows service, it will continue to run scheduled reports even when there is no user logged on to the PC. However, it will not run if the PC is switched off.


If any of the above credentials are changed e.g. the password is changed or times out, the service will stop running.  Under these circumstances, you will have to uninstall it and re-install it ensuring you enter the new credentials correctly.  We recommend that your system administrator ensures that the NT user's credentials never change and never time out.



Installing the service, and other configuration activities in MARS, must NOT be done by remote control using Windows XP remote capabilities, or Terminal services.  These applications do not save the settings on the PC, only in the virtual "session" you are using at the time.  The correct security requirements are therefore not passed to the service, or MARS, and this will cause spurious results e.g. service not polling, or schedules executing at wrong times or on wrong dates.  If you must use remote control, we recommend PcAnywhere or VNC.