Scheduler/ Failover



MARS's Failover module has the ability shunt the processing load from a failing server to a backup server. This guarantees that your schedules will execute even if the primary server is non-functioning.





  • your primary server must have its scheduler active.

  •  the primary MARS server must have its database stored in an ODBC compliant database

  • The intended backup installation must be connected to the ODBC compliant database


Setting up Failover


Go to the options menu on the intended backup server. Check the "Use as backup scheduler server" box.




This machine will become the backup server for the primary server. If the primary machine fails, the secondary machine will resume the scheduling automatically.


If a failure has occurred and Failover has activated, the backup scheduler server will now be the primary scheduling server. To return this machine back to backup status, the primary machine will need to be asserted as the primary MARS server, and then the reserve machine must be reassigned as the back up scheduler.