Messaging/ MAPI and Exchange




Use this option to integrate with a MAPI compliant email system e.g. Outlook or Exchange.  This requires the installation of "Collaboration Data Objects" from your Outlook or Office installation disk.  Once the "CDO" objects are installed, you may need to register them again.  You may do this from within "Housekeeping" Options.


MAPI Profile: Enter the name of your MAPI profile.  This is how MARS will communicate with your email system, global address book, and other email functions. Depending on the version of Windows you are running, your security rights, and the service packs you have installed, the drop-down may not show the list of profiles which exist on your PC.  Simply go to Windows Control Panel - Mail and take a look to see what your default profile is set to be.  Then simply type this profile's name into the box.  More often than not, the profile name will be "Outlook" or "MS Exchange Settings", but this is not always the case.


Password: Enter your password.



Setting MARS to use Exchange


More: The More button allows you to specify additional settings for the MAPI messaging. From the Drop down menu, Select Exchange Server.






If you select the Exchange Server option, you will need to verify the MAPI Alias and Exchange Server before you can save the setting.


Test Settings:  Click this button to ensure that the above settings are correct. This sends an email to the address supplied to the prompt. The "Apply" button remains unavailable until the above credentials have been verified. After selecting verify, you will receive a successful message. Select OK to return to the primary mail settings.


Clear Settings:  This will clear any previous email settings you have entered.


Try re-sending failed mails: Select this option if you would like MARS to keep trying to send failed emails.  This is useful if you know you have an unreliable email server.


Text character Encoding: Encoding is used by Operating systems to determine how to display emails on the recipient's PC.  US-ASCII is standard for most languages.  However, if you are using Japanese characters, then you should select ISO-2022-JP.


Stand-Alone Outlook Mode




This mode interfaces directly with your outlook profile. Outgoing mail will be sent using your MAPI profile found on the machine. Please note: Outlook must be open and you must remain logged into the machine in order for MARS to send emails. This applies to both NT Service Scheduler and Background Scheduler.


Using Exchange Web Service




From the drop down menu, select "Exchange Web Service (2001 or Later)." Here you can configure MARS to email reports using a web service.


Server Name/Service URL: Place the server address here.


Sender Name: Enter the name of the account that will be sending the emails.


Sender Address: Enter the address of the account that will be sending the emails.


Authentication (Optional): If necessary, enter the domain/userid and password of the account that will be sending the emails.